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dsc_8616-edit-2Sets of eight define the beat. If you can identify the 8-count, you have found the beat.  And that’s essentially what happened to Mr Wiid.  Dancing school… the girl teacher… and finding the beat!
Two 4-counts back-to-back, the perfect 8 indeed!

[What is omitted here is a 2pager raving about this girl’s ability to do almost anything that life expects of her and heaping praise on her even bigger talent than dancing , namely rising to the occasion in general… In most cases rising to the occasion and organising it!]
  sumi-troue002dsc_8474 sumi-troue004 sumi-troue005 sumi-troue006dsc_8401 dsc_8527 dsc_8505sumi-troue009dsc_8496 sumi-troue010 dsc_8629dsc_8616-edit-2 sumi-troue012sumi-troue014 sumi-troue018 dsc_8685-edit sumi-troue025 sumi-troue026 sumi-troue027 dsc_8932 dsc_8570-edit sumi-troue034sumi-troue035sumi-troue038 sumi-troue036dsc_8745sumi-troue041sumi-troue039 sumi-troue045sumi-troue042sumi-troue043sumi-troue044 sumi-troue046 sumi-troue048 sumi-troue049 sumi-troue050 sumi-troue051sumi-troue052sumi-troue053 sumi-troue015 dsc_8816 sumi-troue061 sumi-troue067 sumi-troue068dsc_8726dsc_8731-edit-2dsc_8739dsc_8779 dsc_8700-editdsc_8451sumi-troue078sumi-troue079 dsc_8854dsc_8856sumi-troue085sumi-troue091dsc_8454-editsumi-troue093dsc_8848dsc_9053sumi-troue087sumi-troue089 sumi-troue095 sumi-troue098sumi-troue097 sumi-troue099 sumi-troue100sumi-troue102sumi-troue101sumi-troue103 sumi-troue104dsc_9092dsc_9093 sumi-troue107 sumi-troue108 sumi-troue013 sumi-troue114 sumi-troue115sumi-troue116 dsc_9431dsc_8639 sumi-troue124sumi-troue123 sumi-troue125 dsc_9332dsc_9327sumi-troue111

2 Responses to 8-count

  1. nina November 24, 2016 at 12:15 pm #

    wow! stunning.
    marianne, 2pages won’t nearly be enough raving about her abilities 🙂

    geluk wiids!

  2. Nadia November 24, 2016 at 11:03 pm #

    Stunning stunning stunning foto’s!!!! Julle is sulke mooi mense!!!

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