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Street Jive

untitled-61I guess it’s no coincidence that these guys’ photos are in my diary for today. Plenty of joy here! And soon to be plenty more as this happy trio grows to four. Make way for pink! Today is the day their little girl comes home with them! Beat the drum for love, beat the drum for life, beat the drum for Luka and her spot in this jive!

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a cheery little melody
of skipping notes, skipping free
fly fly
skip and fly
up into the big old sky

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dot to dot


You-dot-dot, me-dot-dot, one-two-three-we-dot-dot.
And so one draws a family…
connecting the speckles,
giggles and freckles, tears and cheers, wrinkles and more years.
(I had my own little drawing project here, tracing dotted lines from ear to ear.)

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klein karoo kiekies


Sometimes our souls just need to be barefoot for a bit. Less baggage, less busy, less clutter and cars, more stars. More long conversations and less obligations.
Here in this place, I can do just that – simplify, actually see the sky! No phone to my ear, no bag over my shoulder, no camera around my neck. But, junkie that I am, sometimes at six , I still shout “guys , the light is beautiful, let’s go take some pics!”

Happy hippies in die Klein Karoo

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DSC_0634-Editfudge and figs,
lollipops and sugar cubes
cherries, cookies, toffees and cream,
marshmallows, cotton candy, lea and amélie!

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awesome goo


There’s a big World Atlas book in my room

You live on page 40, I live on page 2

We don’t see the same clouds, but we see the same moon

We take turns with the sun, but we whistle one tune

See, there’s this awesome goo, called “cousin-glue”

that can stretch round the globe and is super strong too

It’s the most awesome thing, this most awesome goo

’cause it wraps round my heart and ties me to you!

for the wege cousies , by your fan marianne

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I quite liked reading the following sentence : “Use of the term ‘precious’ and ‘semi-precious’ in a commercial context is, arguably, misleading in that it deceptively implies certain stones are intrinsically more valuable than others, which is not the case.”

A string of these stones, worn around the neck for adornment, is called a necklace. It might well be called a family…

Moonstone, pearl, emerald and diamond, opal, sapphire, ruby and jade – different shades of beauty, intrinsically all equally valuable. Your family. Wear with pride.

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DSC_3094-Edit-2Extravagantly down to earth – in short. The long would have had to be long… and lavish, speaking the whole oxymoron of who these crazy, cool people are.

“Newspaper writers spend their lives trailing after people above the ordinary in some way or another…and write small paragraphs about them, when everybody knows that a brief rectangular view is not enough.”

As a photographer I can relate; it’s a similar dilemma. In my small rectangular frame I strain to contain a human being so rich and passionate and complex!

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