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Al Alimón


As I was working through these images, I was reminded for some reason (maybe the Latino flavour) of something I read a long time ago. I had scribbled it down – it’s a Pablo Neruda anecdote and comes from his Memoirs if I’m not mistaken:

We had prepared a talk “al alimón.” You probably don’t know what that means, and neither did I…

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Viva Vivacious


This girl isn’t walking on sunshine, she is walking sunshine – in high heels! This wedding was a seamless extension of it, every snippet a fluent translation of that bigger brilliance, that deeper warmth, that vivacious status! It felt as if I were stringing beads… colourful glass, pearl and wood and stone. What follows below is a piece of that string…

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“Of the varied threads of connection that can stretch between two people — threads of innumerable thicknesses, textures, and hues, so difficult to classify and in such constant evolution — which do we get to call “love”? Perhaps love can never be defined in the singular, for it is utterly singular to each person in each relationship at each moment in time — we each love different loves, constantly navigating and negotiating the infinite continuum of meaning with which this one small, enormous word is imbued.” –maria popova

Sprawled out below, lies a  kind of embroidery of moments-  those in which yet another unique definition of love is being written.

(Much praise to the beautiful, creative people of Gelukkie – the canvas , the thread  and the master embroiderers when it comes to weddings! )

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dialogue of gifts

“How good it is to have you, that you are there, and that I can make you a gift of everything and all that I have.”  This beautiful little sentence wowed me this week. We’re so…

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dsc_8616-edit-2Sets of eight define the beat. If you can identify the 8-count, you have found the beat.  And that’s essentially what happened to Mr Wiid.  Dancing school… the girl teacher… and finding the beat!
Two 4-counts back-to-back, the perfect 8 indeed!

[What is omitted here is a 2pager raving about this girl’s ability to do almost anything that life expects of her and heaping praise on her even bigger talent than dancing , namely rising to the occasion in general… In most cases rising to the occasion and organising it!]

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Mexican Makietie

DSC_1646-EditAs the stars over Genadendal hear the cheeky foreign rhythms, they can’t help but sway their hips… prodding elbows, nods and winks… then they clip on grand earrings and come out for a peek. Hoopla and merry-making down in the square! Hearts doing cartwheels, alegría and flair. And over the landscape a sky big enough to contain all the joy, all the charm, all the love.

“Love,” they recite in silver whispers, “love until the night collapses.”

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Why do ships float and coins sink? Because of the way they are shaped. And, if what’s true for the natural world is true for the realm of hearts and souls, we stay afloat for the same reason. If we choose well, we can fill our lives with people who shape us into beings that will float instead of sink. It’s something we keep discovering – the art (or the grace) of unsinking.
Or maybe it’s a lot simpler than that and all you need is a good swimmer with broad shoulders close by your side. Either way, Mieke, you’ll be just fine.

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says the painter


Mark and van Gogh have two things in common… an eye for beauty and a thing for sunflowers. The great painter once said : “If you take some sand in your hand, if you look at it closely, and also water, and also air, they are all colourless, looked at in this way. There is no blue without yellow and without orange.”
One colour makes another sing. Colour infuses colour with …colour and gives it zing! Similarly, people, (especially those in love!) make each other shine and come true. These two certainly do. She the sunflower-yellow and he the blue.

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“We don’t glide or float into love; we fall, we plummet, we plunge. We have no control when we’re falling.” Slavoj Zizek. Adrienne was sitting in the audience, fixated on the drummer, and she started falling… falling…falling…and somehow landed back-stage, where she looked into his eyes and sent him plummeting too! Now they are gliding! Seriously, they’re floating!

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