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dialogue of gifts

“How good it is to have you, that you are there, and that I can make you a gift of everything and all that I have.”  This beautiful little sentence wowed me this week. We’re so familiar with the phrase and concept of “giving of” our time, our resources, ourselves.  But “making a gift of ” sounds and is so much sweeter.  Like just the kind of thing our marriages should be- daily making gifts of our care,  gifts of our time, gifts of our bodies, gifts of our love, our strengths, our minds.  No IOU’s,  just gifts.  A dialogue of gifts.  Because “giving is itself  a kind of thank-offering.”

Valen+Tanya, lovely people full of light, that’s my wish for you –
the beautiful dialogue of gifts ever after.

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opus studio

Photographing spaces lately, I find my eye being summoned and lured in a different kind of way. I value the journey and the gems along the way – one of which was this quaint gallery of plants  – Opus Studio.  You will find them at Silo 3, V&A Waterfront.

[architect- cilna de waal]

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“Of the varied threads of connection that can stretch between two people — threads of innumerable thicknesses, textures, and hues, so difficult to classify and in such constant evolution — which do we get to call “love”? Perhaps love can never be defined in the singular, for it is utterly singular to each person in each relationship at each moment in time — we each love different loves, constantly navigating and negotiating the infinite continuum of meaning with which this one small, enormous word is imbued.” –maria popova

Sprawled out below, lies a  kind of embroidery of moments-  those in which yet another unique definition of love is being written.

(Much praise to the beautiful, creative people of Gelukkie – the canvas , the thread  and the master embroiderers when it comes to weddings! )

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Al Alimón


As I was working through these images, I was reminded for some reason (maybe the Latino flavour) of something I read a long time ago. I had scribbled it down – it’s a Pablo Neruda anecdote and comes from his Memoirs if I’m not mistaken:

We had prepared a talk “al alimón.” You probably don’t know what that means, and neither did I. Federico, who always had some invention or idea up his sleeve, explained: “Two bullfighters can fight the same bull at the same time, using only one cape between them. This is one of the most perilous feats in bullfighting. That’s why it’s so seldom seen. Not more than twice or three times in a century, and it can be done only by two bullfighters who are brothers, or at least blood relations. This is called fighting a bull “al alimón.” And that’s the way we’ll do our talk.

What follows is a very entertaining speech in which they take turns to speak from their opposite ends of the table, bringing tribute to a fellow poet and writer. It ends with the two saying together: Por cuyo homenaje y gloria levantamos nuestro vaso!

Dear Marijke and Christian, yo tambien levanto mi vaso: To your new life “al alimón” One cape!

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trailing streamer

“For parting is no single act, it is like a trailing streamer.” –Marlene van Niekerk

…En die wie so graag confetti en streamers sou wou gooi, het hulle mooiste woorde gebring en soos blomme op ‘n graf kom neerlê.  Dana Snyman en mede-kunstenaars soos Gert Vlok Nel deel ‘n verhoog op Dana se tuisdorp, Jacobsbaai, om te praat en te sing en te besin oor  bipolêre depressie. Dit sou Dana en Anette se troudag wees.

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Viva Vivacious


This girl isn’t walking on sunshine, she is walking sunshine – in high heels! This wedding was a seamless extension of it, every snippet a fluent translation of that bigger brilliance, that deeper warmth, that vivacious status! It felt as if I were stringing beads… colourful glass, pearl and wood and stone. What follows below is a piece of that string…

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