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opus studio

Photographing spaces lately, I find my eye being summoned and lured in a different kind of way. I value the journey and the gems along the way – one of which was this quaint gallery of plants  – Opus Studio.  You will find them at Silo 3, V&A Waterfront.

[architect- cilna de waal]

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So in love with these bags… felt more like a date than a product shoot. A couple of my favourites from the Frenzi collection… call it a wish list!

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dialogue of gifts

“How good it is to have you, that you are there, and that I can make you a gift of everything and all that I have.”  This beautiful little sentence wowed me this week. We’re so…

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trailing streamer

“For parting is no single act, it is like a trailing streamer.” –Marlene van Niekerk

…En die wie so graag confetti en streamers sou wou gooi, het hulle mooiste woorde gebring en soos blomme op ‘n graf kom neerlê.  Dana Snyman en mede-kunstenaars soos Gert Vlok Nel deel ‘n verhoog op Dana se tuisdorp, Jacobsbaai, om te praat en te sing en te besin oor  bipolêre depressie. Dit sou Dana en Anette se troudag wees.

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Street Jive

untitled-61I guess it’s no coincidence that these guys’ photos are in my diary for today. Plenty of joy here! And soon to be plenty more as this happy trio grows to four. Make way for pink! Today is the day their little girl comes home with them! Beat the drum for love, beat the drum for life, beat the drum for Luka and her spot in this jive!

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