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miracle squared

AAA_1350Renche’s mother is a wizard in the world of maths and had always been highly esteemed in our house.  I think if my father had to choose between letting us go without food or without math tuition, he would have gone for the skinny hungry option!

A mathematical truth:  One plus one makes two.  But sometimes  two at once: the phenomena of twins!  Like Renche and her brother Michal – two halves of a whole (or of two wholes…)  Us non-twins will never really get it, I guess. “The basic mystery of sameness and difference.”

When a tiny miracle repeats itself, can we say miracle squared = _?  Because that’s exactly what happened.  Rensche herself is now expecting twins.  Double times two!  Or 2(1+1). 

So let’s see…  If x equals pink and y equals blue, we have a “multiple choice” question:
a) 2(x+y)
b) 1(x+y) +1(x+x)
c) 1(x+y) +1(y+y)

My money’s on option a!

(Renche, your mom will have to check these, I’m feeling awfully rusty!)

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