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shade + oxygen

DSC_1086-EditIf families were trees, this would be one of those majestic ones with generous branches spread wide like imagination. You could build a tree-house in its arms, climb up high and pick the stars right from the sky.  Yes, one of those trees!  “It scoffs at the driest droughts. It shrugs and another decade has passed.”

Here we have two of its branches, growing close-close together. In human terms we’d say they live on the same block – which they do.  I smile when I think of the setup, probably a bit like our own: borrowing proverbial (and real) cups of sugar, collective bargaining by kids and their cousins and the regular redistribution of wealth i.e. children.  Tree-style Ubuntu: I am what I am because of who the tree is.

DSC_1084-Edit DSC_0871 snijders008 snijders007snijders009snijders011DSC_0953-Edit DSC_1130-Edit-Edit DSC_0851-Edit DSC_1137-Edit snijders015 snijders019 DSC_0817 snijders006 snijders024DSC_0943 DSC_1280 DSC_1077-Edit-Editsnijders026 snijders027 snijders028 DSC_1286-Edit DSC_0796-Edit DSC_1321snijders005

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