Hi, welcome to this space – love that you’re here. Let me fix us a make-belief cup of tea and I’ll stir in a little bit about me.

Working as photographer for the past 12 years, I have found myself tucked under several different hats, each imparting its own peculiar gift, each shaping and sharpening me in its own intuitive way.

From theatre to architectural photography, weddings and events to portraiture and advertising- learning, hat by hat … how to make an image sing along … how to yield to the authority of a line … the discipline of absolute attentiveness … the art of carefully excavating essence … speaking loud and clear without saying a word…

Even so, as fine art photographer I like to think of my work as not merely a realisation of skills, but as the weaving together of skill, spirit and wonder. Speaking of wonder, let me throw in this poem…

“what does it mean, say the words,
that the earth is so beautiful?
and what shall I do about it?”

The work you’ll find here is, in a way, my response to this question- my fumbling attempt at spelling the word hallelujah!  This is the ache; this is the reason I keep finding myself behind the lens.

And when I’m not behind the lens? Well, then I’m probably behind the wheel dropping and fetching kids, or behind a book, or, on my lucky days, behind the breakers on my surfboard, on which days I’ll be thrilled if you read this as a subtle disclaimer regarding response time!

Wink, hat tip,